Sal Café - Barcelona



Flat bread with tomato  
3,80 €
Spanish ham  
10,20 €
Soup of the day  
9,20 €
"Salmorejo" with steamed sauted prawns and chopped almonds and chervil  
9,20 €
Croquette trio - shrimp with garlic - cheese - free-range chicken and Iberian ham  
10,70 €
Asian salad with spinach, avocado wakame, carrot, cucumber, onion, sesame and sunflower seeds, soy sprouts and tamarind, ginger and apple vinegar dressing  
10,50 €
Russian salad with tuna belly, jumbo shrimps, spanish ham and avocado served with toasts  
11,80 €
Red quinoa salad with spinach, almonds, mint, cherry tomatoes, quail eggs, anchovies and mustard and honey vinaigrette  
12,50 €
Scrambled free-range eggs with fried potatoes and Spanish ham  
10,90 €
Croaker fish ceviche with lime, coriander, fennel and apple, served with toasts  
12,90 €
Baby squid tempura with wasabi mayonnaise  
13,80 €
Mexican tacos mix - veal carnitas with pico de gallo - free-range chicken tinga with guacamole and sour cream - pibil pork with marinated red onion  
12,50 €
Linguini alle vongole. Sautéed linguini with clams, garlic, parsley and white wine, with chopped tomatoes  
12,80 €


Veggieburger with lettuce and tomato, served with homemade bread with sesame seeds and homemade potato chips  
11,20 €
Calamari rice with shrimps and seafood alioli  
18,20 €
Seafood paella  
18,20 €
Black rice paella with aioli  
15,00 €
Free-range chicken paella with seasonal mushrooms  
15,30 €
Vegetable & mushroom rice paella  
14,00 €
Fideuà (noodle paella) with clams served with alioli  
15,30 €
Grilled seafood platter with fresh herbs oil and spring garlic  
20,80 €
Braised octopus with azuki hummus and crunchy aubergines  
19,80 €
Low temperature cod grilled with black garlic alioli, potato timbale, candied tomatoes and crunchy beets  
15,60 €
Grilled hake fillet with clams sautéed spinach and green garlic  
13,80 €
Classic veal 200grs burger with lettuce, tomato and mature cheddar cheese, with sourdough brioche and homemade fries  
13,80 €
Red tuna burger with bread and Japanese mayonnaise kwepie, lettuce and homemade sweet potato chips  
14,90 €
Grilled marinated spring chicken with teriyaki sauce and chopped green beans and sour apple  
14,20 €
250grs rib steak grilled with roasted potato stuffed with sour sauce and "pico de gallo", served with salad  
19,80 €
Seasonal vegetable green curry with wild rice  
12,20 €

For Kids

Spanish ham & free-range chicken croquettes  
7,50 €
Tomato sauce and parmesan cheese fettuccine  
7,90 €
Breaded hake served with basmati rice or fries  
8,70 €
Breaded free-range chicken with basmati rice  
8,30 €
Mini burger with sourdough sesame bread bun, cheddar cheese and fries  
7,80 €
Homemade ham pizza  
7,80 €
Homemade margarita pizza  
7,50 €

vegetariano Vegeterian – Individual paella – Bread 0.95 € – VAT included – Terrace +10%

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