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Discover typical dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine

3 typical recipes from the Mediterranean cuisine

The seaman’s roots of La Barceloneta has made of the neighborhood one of the most popular in Barcelona among those who want to enjoy of typical Mediterranean cuisine.

Its location next to the seaside, the port of Barcelona and the wide variety of restaurants along its seaside promenade, turned this old fisherman’s district into a true paradise for gourmets who enjoy typical recipes from the Mediterranean cuisine.

If there is something I can be proud about at Restaurante Sal Café,  it is about having a wide variety of dishes in our menu inspired by traditional Mediterranean cuisine

Find below find some of our specialties, which will delight the most demanding gourmets.

1. Timbal of escalivada

Escalivada is a traditional recipe of Catalan cuisine made with grilled vegetables. Thypically eggplant, pepper and onion. Once baked, the chefs from Sal Café Restaurant clean and dress them and serve it over a layer of puff pastry with caramelized goat cheese and romesco sauce.

2. Mussels from La Barceloneta seaman’s style

Another of the star products at Sal Café Restaurant, with La Barceloneta certified origin, are mussels cooked seaman’s style. The sauce is inspired by the seaside origins of the neighborhood, and, it couldn’t be otherwise, it is made with tomato, fennel, onion and parsley.

3. Paella with seafood from La Barceloneta Paella 

Nowadays it is not that easy to find an authentic paella in Barcelona. Trustting again on the local origin products, it time to talk about the main recipe, the seafood paella. The main characteristic that make the recipe unique is that at Restaurante Sal Café we use the best seafood to give the flavors of the sea to the recipe. To prepare the fish broth, our chefs keep the formula as a secret, but we want to invite you to visit us and enjoy the authentic seafood paella at our terrace. 

In the Sal Café Restaurant menu you can find a wide variety of paella that will satisfy any client. If you have already chosen the one you would like the most, get to know us today and enjoy the best typical dishes of Mediterranean cuisine on our terrace at La Barceloneta beach.

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