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3 typical recipes from the Mediterranean cuisine

The seaman’s roots of La Barceloneta has made of the neighborhood one of the most popular in Barcelona among those who want to enjoy of typical Mediterranean cuisine. Its location next to the seaside, the port of Barcelona and the wide variety of restaurants along its seaside promenade, turned this old fisherman’s district into a […]

Healthy food recipes to cook at home

These days at home are the ideal opportunity to practice new hobbies. One of them is, certanly, cooking, so it is time to prove your skills as a truechef. At Sal Café Restaurant we like to take care of our clients and that’s why we decided to share three different healthy food recipes to cook […]

Jamón: a culinary experience at Restaurant Sal Cafe

Jamón is one of the most characteristic elements of Spanish cuisine. Obtained from the pig’s hind legs (if the front legs are used, it is called a paleta or paletilla) raw salted and maturated naturally. Not only the elaboration of this delicacy is an art but also slicing it or its pairing are essential to […]

Sal Café at La Barceloneta: the perfect restaurant for groups on the beach

Finding a restaurant for groups on the beach can be a complicated many times. At Sal Café Restaurant in La Barceloneta beach we have been hosting events, weddings and all kinds of group celebrations in our restaurant for years and we know all the secrets to make the evening become a real success. Discover in […]

4 benefits of eating in a restaurant with views

We, Sal Café Restaurant at La Barceloneta’s beach people, know for sure that there are many benefits in eating enjoying good sight views. In our restaurant and terrace we have unforgettable views over Barceloneta beach and the sea, which we share daily with our customers. Discover in this post, some of the benefits of enjoying […]

How to choose the best menu for the holiday season

On January 6 we celebrate one of Spain’s most traditional festivities: The Epiphany. This is a time many of us like to celebrate, eat outside and treat ourselves to a special menu. Of course, the quality of your time with your loved ones depends also on the restaurant you choose. Many families decide to celebrate […]

Great ideas to celebrate your wedding anniversary

Is your wedding anniversary approaching and you want a memorable celebration? If you’ve been together for 25 years, 50 years or even 1 year, it’s more than reason enough to throw a party with your family (or with your partner). A romantic dinner, a meal in style with the family, a trip or an unexpected […]

Great ideas to celebrate your wedding anniversary

Is your wedding anniversary approaching and you want a memorable celebration? If you’ve been together for 25 years, 50 years or even 1 year, it’s more than reason enough to throw a party with your family (or with your partner). A romantic dinner, a meal in style with the family, a trip or an unexpected […]

Ideas for a surprising company dinner

Company dinners are a classic around Christmas, but they are also a good excuse to get to know your colleagues and enjoy a day of teambuilding. The first thing to keep in mind when organizing a company Christmas dinner, is to choose the right restaurant for the needs of your team (number of employees, taste, […]

How to find a charming restaurant?

Barcelona is a city of many tastes: local food restaurants, vegan food places, international cuisine lovers, take away places, etc. However, finding a restaurant where you can have a good meal and at the same time find yourself in a pleasant atmosphere is not so simple. What makes a restaurant one with charm? In Sal […]

How to organize an original Christmas company dinner

The month is October and although it seems that Christmas is far away, it is not necessarily so. Company events are common around Christmas time. This social event has already become of essence in many companies in Spain. To ensure the success of your Christmas party, it’s best to plan it ahead. One of the […]

Where to celebrate your birthday in Barcelona

Is the birthday of a  friend or relative coming up and you don’t know which restaurant to choose? In Barcelona there are many options, but before picking one you must take into account if the restaurant is suitable for the event. Celebrating the birthday of a child, adult or teenager is not the same. Sal […]

How to choose the best restaurant for a perfect wedding

Are you planning your wedding? Are you looking for a restaurant for weddings in Barcelona? Planning an event as important and it can be stressful or even complicated. There are many things one needs to think of: guests, gifts, music, outfits … and finding the right restaurant that will make your wedding perfect. At Sal […]

Fideuà, a speciality at the Restaurant Sal Café

The fideuà is a traditional Spanish dish from the east part of the country and you can taste it at the Sal Café Restaurant. It is a specialty based on noodles and is prepared in a similar way to seafood paella, but with some differences that make this dish a staple in Mediterranean cuisine. At […]

Restaurant Sal Café helps you discover the secret of the authentic croquette

Restaurant Sal Café, at the Barceloneta Beach, is specialized in Spanish and fusion cuisine. There are few plates in our gastronomy that are as typical as the croquettes. In this article you’ll learn about the origin of the recipe, as well as many other curious facts. We’re sure you’ll be surprised. French origin of a […]

La Barceloneta: one beach, countless activities

When temperature rises, you don’t thingk about anything else but the beach. Sal Café Restaurant is a restaurant with a terrace on the beach of Barceloneta, so we know very well each and every way to enjoy the beach. Keep reading and discover our ideas! Walking on the beach, a healthy exercise Walking on the beach […]

Patatas bravas, the mother of Spanish tapas

In our restaurant in Barceloneta, the chefs of Restaurant Sal Café have been perfecting the recipe for many years, to offer the best patatas bravas of Barcelona to our guests, in a unique and cozy atmosphere, accompanied by the best drinks and the best views of the Barceloneta beach. The patatas bravas are one of […]

Barceloneta Beach: a point of reference for tourism in town

Restaurant Sal Café  is located on the Barceloneta Beach, an iconic and well known beach of Barcelona. In this article, you’ll discover how you can enjoy this beautiful beach, perfect for the family all year long. A little bit of history Since its creation as an Iberian settlement, the history of Barcelona has been intimately […]

Tricks and suggestions to pick a restaurant for events

Sal Café Restaurant Deluxe Chiringuito in Barceloneta is a reference for restaurants hosting events and celebrations in Barcelona, because of our long experience organizing any type of event and celebration in the restaurant: business dinners, corporate events, birthdays, weddings… In this article, you’ll discover the tricks to choose the right restaurant for your event and […]

Paella and the art of rice cooking

Finding an authentic quality paella in Barcelona has become a difficult task in recent years. The fact that paella is one of the most internationally renowned dishes of Spanish cuisine, has led to an enormous growth of paella offer, to the point of franchising its production. At Restaurante Sal Café, we have been offering the […]

Restaurant Sal Café starts a blog: Mediterranean gastronomy, interesting tips and much more…

The Restaurant Sal Café remains one of Barcelona’s classics and has one of the best sea view terraces in town. While the restaurant itself remains a reference point for the best paella and tapas in Barceloneta, we now aspire to offer you something else as well: an online point of reference of useful information. Discover cultural […]

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