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ingredients and recipes to cook at home from Sal Café Restaurant

Healthy food recipes to cook at home

These days at home are the ideal opportunity to practice new hobbies. One of them is, certanly, cooking, so it is time to prove your skills as a truechef. At Sal Café Restaurant we like to take care of our clients and that’s why we decided to share three different healthy food recipes to cook at home quickly and easily. Do you want to eat better? We can give you some ideas!

1. Vegan paella with vegetables and mushrooms

Now It is the ideal time to innovate and try new recipes. Paella is a classic from Mediterranean diet, but have you tried vegetable paella? In addition to being a delicious meal, it is one of the simplest healthy food recipes to prepare.

You only need rice, artichoke, green beans, tomato, green pepper, mushrooms and, if you want, you can add some more vegetables freely to give it your personal flavour.

2. Chickpea Hummus

Hummus is a typical recipe from the Arab gastronomy. It is an easy and healthy recipe to prepare at home.

To prepare it, you might need 400 grams of chickpeas, half garlic, half a lemon juice, sesame, salt, olive oil, sweet paprika and two tablespoons of tahini. If you want to enjoy a tasty and healthy appetizer, hummus is a must.

3. Carrot soup

If you want to cook a light recipe, preparing a carrot soup is an excellent choice.

To do so, you just need 500 grams of chopped carrot, 200 ml of water, a chopped onion, 400 ml of vegetable broth, a small potato cut into pieces, a tablespoon of fried tomato, a splash of olive oil, a pinch of pepper and a pinch of salt.

These are some of the healthy food recipes to cook at home that we propose from Restaurant Sal Café, located on Barceloneta beach. However, if you need more inspiration to innovate, do not doubt on consulting our menu to have the opportunity of demonstrating your culinary skills. 


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