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How to choose the best menu for the holiday season

On January 6 we celebrate one of Spain’s most traditional festivities: The Epiphany. This is a time many of us like to celebrate, eat outside and treat ourselves to a special menu. Of course, the quality of your time with your loved ones depends also on the restaurant you choose.

Many families decide to celebrate The Epiphany with a special dinner on January 5, also very traditional in Catalonia, and enjoy something different. But how do we choose the most appropriate menu for this party? Let’s see the options.

Traditional menu

At Restaurant Sal Café, we propose a traditional menu based on starters with typical Christmas ingredients such as duck breast and prawns. For your second dish, a good option can be beef tenderloin, monkfish, sea bass or candied biscuits.

A chocolate brownie, nougat and a glass of cava are ideal desserts for the this special day.

Plates of the Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine offers rich tastes and varies exquisitely between different regions.

In Catalonia, there are traditional dishes prepared at this time of the year such as the escudella, but you can also taste other specialties such as the scalded (pepper mix, seafood paella or black rice with seafood).

Digging deeper into local gastronomy may be a great activity for you and your family at this time of year.

Special menu for children

special menu for children - Sal Café Restaurant

Children are always in the forefront during the holiday season and deserve a special menu. The advantages of a menu prepared for the little ones is that they will enjoy their favorite flavors and adults will be reassured they are having fun while having a nutritious meal. 

At Sal Café Restaurant we offer menus for children based on their age. There’s one for  children under 12 years old while the junior menu is perfect for teenagers who already like dishes to share.

The Roscón de Reyes

The Roscón de Reyes is the traditional desert we eat for The Epiphany. It is typical to have it the night before and / or on January 6. This cake-shaped sweet is decorated with sugar or candied fruits and is usually accompanied by hot chocolate or can be taken by itself. There are also special cones stuffed with cream, cream or chocolate.

Their origin is pagan, but the Roscón de Reyes, as consumed in Spain today, was brought back in the eighteenth century. Tradition reads that each Roscón must hide a bean and a figurine inside the dough. The one who gets the piece with the surprise inside will pay for dinner.

In short, we like the Epiphany menu to be special and unique. If you want to have a try, check us out at Restaurante Sal Café and make your reservation today.

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