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How to choose the best restaurant for a perfect wedding

How to choose the best restaurant for a perfect wedding

Are you planning your wedding? Are you looking for a restaurant for weddings in Barcelona? Planning an event as important and it can be stressful or even complicated. There are many things one needs to think of: guests, gifts, music, outfits … and finding the right restaurant that will make your wedding perfect.

At Sal Café Restaurant we have experienced professionals who will help you organize an event. Our indoor dining room is an open space designed to adapt to different events: weddings, birthdays or business lunches.

If you are getting married soon, take note of our tricks for events and celebrations to make your wedding an unforgettable day for everyone.

Cocktail wedding or gala wedding?

The wedding meal is the central social act of all weddings. However, there are factors that must be assessed when organizing it. Do you want a cocktail banquet in which guests stay standing or a more traditional meal at tables?

A cocktail type wedding is one in which guests do not have an assigned place and the waiters are in charge of offering the dishes on trays. Dishes may also be placed on tables and distributed throughout the dining room. The advantage is that socialising is easier, there is more freedom in choosing what to eat, and the menu offers more possibilities of culinary variety.

saloninterior Sal Café

The interior room. Foto: Sal Café

A wedding with a gala menu is the one that traditionally consists of two starters, two dishes (usually one meat and / or fish) and desserts. All accompanied by carefully selected wine. If you opt for this type of menu, you must take into account the number of guests, since there are limited seats, and also the food needs of each guest. To avoid confusion afterwards, include a section on the wedding invitations that indicate food intolerances, allergies, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, etc.

And what to do with the children? We must not forget the youngest and “bridesmaids”, a group of guests entitled to taste their favorite food made with top quality ingredients. Including a special menu for children is a good option.

At Sal Café Restaurant we offer a cocktail menu with 20 cold and 20 hot starters, 2 gala menus and 2 children’s menus. Remember: it is a day when all the guests are here to accompany you and enjoy with you.

Details of Sal Cafe Restaurant

Terrace or interior space? A place for everyone’s stay to be perfect

The space where you enjoy your meal is comfortable and elegant. These are the things that also make a difference. There is a different feel if you celebrate in front of the Mediterranean Sea, or with just a few intimate guests at noon, or a cocktail dinner with younger guests.

In our restaurant we have the following types of space:

  • A large interior room with capacity for 90 seated guest and 110 for cocktail food.
  • A small interior room for 25 seated guests and 40 for cocktail celebration.
  • A terrace of 100 m2 on the Barceloneta beach with capacity for 200 people and chill out area.
  • Sofas and bar for drinks.
  • A DJ set.
  • Projector screen to watch guest videos.

Finally, make sure you are getting proper assistance from hospitality professionals. This is why it is important to have a good restaurant for groups and events, such as Sal Café, that’s prepared to properly serve a greater number of guests. Contact us and prepare your unforgettable wedding.

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