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Company Christmas dinners are a classic, but if you want to make it fun and original, don’t miss out on the ideas suggested by Restaurant Sal Café.

Ideas for a surprising company dinner

Company dinners are a classic around Christmas, but they are also a good excuse to get to know your colleagues and enjoy a day of teambuilding.

The first thing to keep in mind when organizing a company Christmas dinner, is to choose the right restaurant for the needs of your team (number of employees, taste, company image and even the average age of your workers) . A company with young and international workers is not the same as one that’s more family oriented and perhaps with a different age group.

Once you have booked the restaurant for your company’s Christmas dinner, it is time to make it original.

How to turn a company Christmas party into something really fun? At Restaurant Sal Café we’ll help you gather some ideas.

Cocktail, brunch or gala menu

The cocktail menu allows your guests to move around the room, chat with whomever they want or have affinity with, as well as choose their preferred dish and make room for games or activities.

An uprising idea is to throw a company Christmas brunch, as an alternative to the company lunch or dinner. You should still consider the choice of menus for all needs.

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Magic in the food

Have you thought of throwing a magic trick show for your coworkers? An illusionist will take the team’s attention and entertain the night.

Would you like to enjoy a show with magic tricks with your classmates and surprise them? Having an illusion show will help make the event more fun.


Preparing a flashmob with a fun or business-related theme will leave more than one of your teammates speechless. It may seem risky at first, but you’ll be surprised with the final engagemen. To make it work, a prepared team of people will infiltrate the room and throw a show. You can also request the complicity of the restaurant and involving the staff.

The infiltrated waiter

What about hiring an actor to play the role of a clumsy waiter? You can create fun situations and you may get to know your teammates better, depending on the reactions they have. Do you dare to go there?

What should a restaurant provide for your event?

Every good restaurant suitable for events must have room with capacity for a party of more than 50 people, smaller rooms and resting places with sofas to enjoy the evening.

Other complementary services, such as a screen, an radio to play music, wardrobe and menus for groups are aspects to consider just as well.

At Sal Café Restaurant we specialize in throwing company events and dinners. We will advise you on your Christmas party without any obligation.

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