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Jamón: a culinary experience at Restaurant Sal Cafe

Jamón is one of the most characteristic elements of Spanish cuisine. Obtained from the pig’s hind legs (if the front legs are used, it is called a paleta or paletilla) raw salted and maturated naturally.

Not only the elaboration of this delicacy is an art but also slicing it or its pairing are essential to enjoy it to its maximum splendor.

In Sal Café Restaurant on Barceloneta beach we have expert Jamón slicers who propose you to discover in this post the secrets to enjoy a good jamón.

Types of jamón

In general we can differentiate two large types of jamón according to the breed of the pig from which they come, Iberian jamón (from Iberian pigs) or Serrano jamón (from white pigs).

The Iberian jamón is characterized by its high quality and purity, coming from pigs reared in dehesas with trees, where they can move freely, and is subjected to a maturing process of between 8 and 36 months.

The “Norma de calidad de productos Ibérico” establishes the classification of jamón according to the amount of acorn with which they feed before slaughter in: Iberian Ham of Cebo, Iberian Ham of Cebo Campo, Iberian Ham of Recebo and Iberian Ham of Acorn.

Slicing jamón

How a jamón is sliced is one of the most important factors when it comes to enjoying it correctly.

Commercially we can find multitudes of pre-sliced jamón brands. This presentation allows us to enjoy jamón in a fast way and it is very easy to travel with.

However, a fresh hand sliced jamón thickly sliced by a professional will always be the best way to enjoy it: a thin slice, with an accurate cut that melts on the palate.

In Sal Café Restaurant we have professional jamón hand slicers for events and parties that will make of any celebration a real gastronomic show.

Eating jamón

A good jamón can be eaten alone but it will always be better if we eat it with a slice of bread with tomato and a good glass of red wine.

Pickled olives will help us, due to its acidity, to prepare our palate to enjoy this unctuous delicacy.

Do not hesitate and check our menu to discover all the options for our Iberian Jamón D.O. Jabugo and discover this wonderful amazing with 100% Spanish taste.

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