Sal Café - Barcelona

La Barceloneta: one beach, countless activities

When temperature rises, you don’t thingk about anything else but the beach.

Sal Café Restaurant is a restaurant with a terrace on the beach of Barceloneta, so we know very well each and every way to enjoy the beach.

Keep reading and discover our ideas!

Walking on the beach, a healthy exercise

Walking on the beach is one of the healthiest exercises we can recommend: you’ll work the muscles and joints of the legs, you’ll stimulate the cardiovascular system and blood flow, the iodine and sodium of the seawater help prevent aging and, of course, it is very relaxing.

If this is not enough, remember that you can walk barefoot and discover that the sand is an excellent natural scrub that will leave your feet very soft.

Read or sunbathe, it’s time to take out the towel

Lying down relaxed on a towel or hammock on the beach is one of the most relaxing activities we can imagine.

On the beach of Barceloneta, just in front of our terrace overlooking the sea, there is a hammock rental service so you will not have to move much when you’ve finished eating, or when you want to come for a drink.

Of course, take good care of your skin and do not forget to put on sunscreen!



For the restless ones: play or train

The Barceloneta beach is equipped with volleyball courts, pin-pong tables and a training area for all those who love physical activity.

Doing yoga, running, playing paddles, soccer, or even frisbee… On the beach, fun is guaranteed!

The night comes and the fun continues

Enjoying the sunset on the Barceloneta beach is a romantic experience for you or for you and your partner. It’s also the perfect beginning for everything a night in Barcelona can offer you.

Tired of so many activities? Do not hesitate and come visit Restaurante Sal Café on Barceloneta beach and recover a bit.

Enjoy the best paellas in Barcelona and all the specialties of Mediterranean cuisine on our restaurant’s terrace on Barceloneta beach.

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