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Paella and the art of rice cooking

Finding an authentic quality paella in Barcelona has become a difficult task in recent years.

The fact that paella is one of the most internationally renowned dishes of Spanish cuisine, has led to an enormous growth of paella offer, to the point of franchising its production.

At Restaurante Sal Café, we have been offering the best paella in Barceloneta for years. In the following post, we’ll explain how to recognize a paella.

Nobody can give better advice than our chef specialized in making paella.

Paella, a dish full of history

The history of paella is intrinsically linked to the cultivation of its main ingredient, rice.

Although rice is cultivated in the Valencia area, where the recipe undoubtedly originates from, there was no trace of this dish until the Muslim conquest in the year 711.It is not until the eighteenth century that we learn the principles of its preparation and especially, the ideal cooking point of the rice itself.

The dish finds its origin among farmers and shepherds, motivated by the need to use ingredients they had on hand: fresh vegetables from the garden, saffron, snails, rabbit and olive oil, mixed with rice and cooked on low fire.

Types of paellas

The paella adopts its name from the pan used to cook it, a round metal container, with a shallow bottom and two handles, also known as a paella pan.

For this reason, one cannot say there is an original paella recipe but rather it is a rice cooking technique that has been adapted to the ingredients available in each region.

At Restaurante Sal Café we offer a variety of paellas that will satisfy demanding tastes:

  • Mixed señorito paella (cuttlefish, chicken, sausage and prawns): a paella that can be eaten with your eyes closed, since all the ingredients have been cleaned and bones removed to enjoy it without any concern.
  • Paella with secreto Iberico Pork, porcini mushrooms and artichokes: a paella for lovers of intense tastes and linked to the land.
  • O. Barceloneta Seafood Paella: our seafood paella is prepared with the best seafood.
  • Paella with chicken, vegetables and seasonal mushrooms: a classic for lovers of paella.
  • Vegan paella with vegetables and mushrooms: a paella with an unparalleled flavor suitable for vegans and for all audiences.

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