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Patatas bravas, the mother of Spanish tapas

In our restaurant in Barceloneta, the chefs of Restaurant Sal Café have been perfecting the recipe for many years, to offer the best patatas bravas of Barcelona to our guests, in a unique and cozy atmosphere, accompanied by the best drinks and the best views of the Barceloneta beach.

The patatas bravas are one of the most common tapas in the whole Spanish territory and a classic of the gastronomy of our country.

They go perfectly with a beer or a glass of wine, and are enjoyed among friends, visitors and colleagues, at all hours of the day.

Origin of the patatas bravas

The origin of the recipe for patatas bravas is found in the humble areas of our country, since it was very common among the lower classes to eat potatoes, a food that is cheap and easy to grow, with some type of dressing on top.

The first documented mention of this dish is dated 1967. Its origin is argued by two bars in Madrid, that have since disappeared, Casa Perico and La Casona, in the mid-1960s.

Since then, the patatas bravas have been recognized by the UN as a typical Spanish dish, in occasion of compiling 200 recipes made with potatoes in year 2008.



How to prepare patatas bravas?

There are many different recipes for patatas bravas, as many as there are cooks preparing them, so you can expect to find substantial differences in the composition of the sauce or the process of cooking the potatoes.

Despite that, almost everyone will agree that the potatoes should be cut into small slices (approximately 2 or 3 centimeters each), which will help them fry nicely.

The secret of patatas bravas lies in the sauce that comes with them, the salsa brava. IT can be more or less spicy, but always contains some tomato and some extra spice that gives us the extra flavor (cayenne, garlic, pepper, tabasco sauce…).

And now that you know more about their origin and the way they are cooked, we invite you to visit us at Restaurante Sal Café and enjoy the classic bravas, in our opinion the best patatas bravas in Barcelona. You can share them with whoever you want.

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