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Where to celebrate your birthday in Barcelona

Is the birthday of a  friend or relative coming up and you don’t know which restaurant to choose? In Barcelona there are many options, but before picking one you must take into account if the restaurant is suitable for the event. Celebrating the birthday of a child, adult or teenager is not the same.

Sal Café Restaurant is a place that has rooms for birthday celebrations for all needs, from a small interior room with capacity for 25 seats to the largest space with capacity for 90 seats. If you prefer a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean, an adult’s birthday at sunset in our chill out area is the way for a unique day.

Next, we present the different types of birthdays and ideas for each one.

Adult’s birthday

adults birthday- Sal Café Restaurant

Your parents or grandparents have their birthday coming up and want to surprise them with a family celebration? In this case it is a good idea to pick a quiet place where you can enjoy the company without too many distractions around you. You can make a reservation of a space overlooking the sea and choose a menu with typical dishes of the Mediterranean. The occasion certainly deserves it.

To enjoy a slightly different birthday, we propose:

Themed party

What’s best than celebrating your 50 years with a black and white style party or dressed as Hollywood stars? Propose in the invitation that guests should come dressed for the occasion or decorate the place with identifying elements of the theme.

A good idea is to celebrate a theme closely related to the year of their birth. For example, for someone who turns 40, have an 80’s themed party.


This is a good idea for both adults and adolescents, since it offers multiple possibilities and is a sure success. It can be a composition made with printed photos placed on the walls. You only need the space to place them with good lighting. And don’t forget about the accessories!

Children’s birthday: Snacks or meals?

teenagers birthday

For the celebration of a kid’s birthday, one good option is to organize a snack or meal in a restaurant with enough space to dance and with music. If a DJ plays their favorite songs while they enjoy a suitable menu is a guaranteed success. In our restaurant, we offer two types of menus for children.

To make it even more fun and keeping in mind the age of the little ones, we recommend:

A clown to liven up the party

It is an added value that never fails and the children will be entertained.

A makeup contest

Organize a makeup contest to encourage your creativity. They will have a great time with the incentive of a “prize”, which can be a toy or an extra pack of goodies.

A peñata

An original and very fashionable option is to create a pack full of goodies. Another alternative is to surprise with a fondant cake in the form of a train or princess, according to your tastes.

A superhero party

Do you like The Invincibles? Organizing a party decorated with motifs of your favorite superheroes or making them dress like them is a fun option.

Teen birthday: a different night

If you want your 15-year-old to enjoy their birthday with friends safely, you can book a restaurant at sunset where they can dance, chat and even have a non-alcoholic drink.

The birthday may include the option of taking selfies and projecting them on a screen or organizing a fun photo contest. To do this, you can place a photocall with accessories or objects (glasses, hats or motifs that interest the group).

In addition, a celebration with teenagers requires taking care of many details and in Sal Café we accept decoration proposals from all our clients.

Do not hesitate and contact us, we will help you organize your birthday. We are waiting for you at Barceloneta Beach!


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